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What Can You Expect After Foundation Repair in Ohio? (Quick Guide)

If you live in Ohio and just had your foundation repaired, you might be wondering what’s next. First off, congratulations, that’s a big job and an essential investment in the stability of your home. 

The first thing you may notice is that your doors are opening and closing again, and the second thing is you still have a crack in your wall. The good news is there’s no need to worry. That’s normal. Most often, when you have your home in Ohio’s foundation repaired, it won’t cause the cracks to go away. Frequently, homes are left in need of repair to their drywall. Considered cosmetic restoration, these aren’t included in standard service. 

So, what’s next? First, start by reading over any paperwork that was left behind. This should include things such as work orders and warranty certificates which describe the repair work done and guarantee the works. While foundation repair services in OH stabilize the foundation, they don’t repair the cosmetic damage to the home. 

Below is more information about what damage to watch for and tips on how to proceed. 

What To Do After Your Foundation Repair is Complete?

You may think that once your foundation is repaired, it’s time to set back and relax, and in a way, yes, it is, but there’s still more work to be done. Companies providing foundation repair in Toledo take the utmost care in raising and stabilizing your home. However, there is bound to be residual damage since you can’t count on all the cracks to close. 

In most instances, you can expect about 80% of the cracks to come together, 18% of the cracks to stay the same, and the remainder to worsen. It’s also not uncommon for more cracks to form as your new foundation settles. 

If your home in Ohio’s structure was damaged due to foundation issues, that will not go away when your foundation is fixed. The best way to avoid more damage is to have your foundation repaired as soon as you notice a problem. 

Here are a few things you should do once your foundation repair work is finished.

Review Work Order and Warranty

The foundation repair company you worked with in Ohio should inform you about what you can expect during and after the repair. Work orders should also contain information about residual damage and foundation maintenance tips. 

Make a List Of Any Issues That Need Addressed

Thoroughly inspect your walls, floors, and landscaping. Look for anything from cosmetic to structural repairs, and note everything you see so you can decide where to start. 

Create a Post-Foundation Repair Watch List


If any areas require exterior repair, you probably need to have soil bright in and have it backfilled. Soil settles after some time, but if the soil is high enough to touch the siding, it’s too high it needs to be removed. Soil holds moisture, and if it’s touching the siding, it can seep behind it and cause damage. 


You should check your sprinkler system and plumbing. Sinking or rising foundations can cause problems with these systems. If you notice any, contact a foundation repair company in Ohio and see what they recommend. Most often, they will advise you to get a plumbing expert. 


If you still have visible cracks in your walls after the repair, wait a few weeks to see if there are any changes or see new ones develop. After the foundation is done settling, go ahead and fill in the cracks.


 If your slab is in need of interior repairs, you may need to replace tiles or boards. It’s ideal to have extras of this material on hand, but sometimes discoloration is a problem. There’s no perfect solution to this situation, but it’s good to be aware that you may encounter it.

Doors and Windows

 You may have noticed that your doors and windows are harder to open than they used to be. This is not necessarily a sign of a problem with your foundation, but it can be an indicator that there is something wrong with the way your foundation is set up. If this happens after any kind of remodeling or repair, then it’s worth investigating what could be going on. Sometimes window and door frames are installed while the foundation is unlevel, which can cause them to bind up over time if they’re not appropriately adjusted.

If You Have Foundation Issues Call Us Today!

If you live around Ohio and have foundation issues, don’t wait; give us a call today! Most companies offer financial plans making it easier for homeowners to afford the cost of repairs. The sooner you have foundation problems taken care of, the less they’ll cost. “

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