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The Main Types of Asbestos That You Might Find In Your Property

If you own a property that was constructed around two decades ago, then you may find some form of asbestos in the building by accident especially if you are carrying out a reconstruction or redevelopment project in the property. Indeed, asbestos was used in a variety of different building materials, including insulation and floor tiles, while it can be found in cement, walls and piping. If you think you may have discovered any type of asbestos, including these materials, you must contact a specialist removal company in Western Australia. However, you must carry on reading this article, so that you can be aware of the various types of asbestos that may possibly exist in your property. Moreover, if you want to protect yourself and others from being exposed to this hazardous material, you must be aware of the types of asbestos that can sometimes be found in a property.

  • You may find asbestos in roofing insulation materials
  • Asbestos can also be found in floor tiles
  • Cement and walls may contain this dangerous material
  • Roof insulation

One of the most prominent sources of asbestos in a property is often the roof insulation. In addition, if you think you may have discovered asbestos in a room or area of your house then you must contact Perth asbestos removal companies because they will be able to undertake the task of removing this dangerous substance from your property.

  • Floor tiles

Another potential source of asbestos in a building can be found in floor tiles, while if you suspect you may have discovered any type of asbestos in your property, then it is essential that you contact a removal company. You must never try to remove any type of asbestos by yourself because the fibres can cause serious health problems in the future, especially if you breathe them into your lungs.

  • Cement and walls

Lastly, cement can potentially contain some form of asbestos while walls that have been constructed using plaster may also potentially provide a risk. As a consequence, if you are carrying out any type of refurbishment project in a property, you must understand whether any asbestos exists before starting the project to prevent disturbing the fibres.

If you think you may have discovered some form of asbestos in a property, then you must contact a specialist removal company in Western Australia because they will be able to carry out the removal task safely.

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