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Is Foundation Crack Repair in Bloomington Serious? (Expert Guide)

Foundation crack repair in Bloomington is something that many homeowners might eventually have to deal with. This isn’t exactly an exciting part of being a homeowner, but it is a necessary part. With that being said, a lot of homeowners want to know how serious foundation crack repair in Bloomington is. Well, we’re here to let you know the inside scoop on foundation crack repair and when you should be concerned as a homeowner. Let’s dive into this and give you an expert guide on foundation crack repair. 

How Serious Are Cracks In Foundation?

Foundation cracks can be very alarming, especially to new homeowners, but they shouldn’t be the cause of your stress just yet. The thing with foundation cracks is that sometimes it can mean there are larger issues at hand, while sometimes it just means that there was a little movement that showed in the walls, doors, floors, or ceiling. 

Some foundation cracks aren’t a concern, but how do you know? Well, the rule of thumb to consider is that if a foundation crack is wider than ¼ inch then it could be a cause for concern. Any cracks that are less than ¼ inch wide are usually just a result of some movement and overall don’t indicate further more complex problems. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t eventually turn into that. 

How Much Foundation Cracking Is Acceptable?

Homeowners should not necessarily turn a blind eye to foundation cracking but I wouldn’t stress yourself out yet if the foundation cracks are less than ¼ inch wide. However, if there are multiple cracks in the same area or if it seems that the cracks are starting to grow and get wider then you will definitely need to get them checked out. 

It’s difficult, especially as a homeowner, to figure out if your foundation cracks are the result of larger foundation problems or not. The best way to find out if you need to be concerned with foundation cracking is by contracting a foundation repair company. Foundation crack repair in Bloomington can be easily done by contacting a company and they also will do a great job at figuring out if there is more extensive damage to your foundation. 

Should Foundation Cracks Be Repaired?

Foundation cracks should always be repaired once they are seen. Although foundation cracks thinner than ¼ inch are not a cause for concern when it comes to more complex foundation repairs. With that being said, foundation cracking can cause a multitude of problems itself, which means that repairing them is most definitely needed. 

Once your foundation cracks are wider than ¼ inch or if you notice them getting wider, then you should have them repaired. Not getting your foundation cracks repaired can result in many more problems with your foundation such as leaking, more cracking, and the spread of foundation issues. It’s also important to watch for foundation cracking that’s happening in basements or crawl spaces because those are more likely to leak water if they become wide enough. This can cause water damage which can extend the monetary costs and complexity of the repairs needed. 

Although cracking doesn’t seem like a huge deal on the outside, it can lead to very complicated problems within your home’s foundation if they aren’t caught on time. Foundation cracks can be a result of heavy shifting of your foundation which can cause sinking, bowed walls, and other more serious foundation problems. It’s best to always get your foundation cracks repaired as soon as you notice them. 

The Bottom Line

It’s best to always just assume that a foundation crack is serious because then it pushes you to contact a company for foundation crack repair in Bloomington. Some cracks don’t necessarily need foundation crack repair in Bloomington, but it’s still best to have them at least looked at. Foundation cracking is the first sign of foundation problems in most households, so taking it seriously can help save you time and money in the long run. We recommend repairing any cracks that you might see even if they don’t necessarily lead to worse foundation problems. It’s much easier and cheaper to fix foundation cracks rather than other more complex repairs. 

Overall, foundation cracks can be quite serious especially if it leads to more complex foundation problems. Remember the rule of thumb on cracks wider than ¼ inch, but if you’re unsure or just want to take precautions then you can have a company that does foundation crack repair in Bloomington to come out and inspect your foundation. This will allow them to see what other issues may be happening with your foundation or they can determine if the cracking you’ve noticed is serious or not. Remember to never attempt to repair any foundation crack as this should be left up to the professionals. 

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