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Dallas Foundation Repair: 7 Things You Should Know Before Repairs Begin

If you have foundation issues in Dallas and have been waiting to fix the problem, it’s important to know the longer you wait, the more expensive the issue will become. If you’re like most people, you don’t know when is the right time to call a professional to come inspect your foundation. When it comes to the structural integrity of your home, it’s important to know if there’s a problem. When it comes to foundation restoration, not everything is black and white. Below are some things you need to know about foundation restoration and what you should do when there are signs of damage. 

  • Not All Signs Are Obvious

Some signs of foundation damage in your Dallas home are obvious, while some are not. Of course, there are obvious signs, such as bowing walls, large cracks, and pooling water, but there are also small signs, such as mold or foul smells in the basement or sticking doors and windows, which are often overlooked. Read more about the signs.

  • Not All Foundation Issues Need To Be Repaired

Not all cracks or signs of damage in your foundation are cause for concern. Small cracks and basement leaks can be common as the home ages. However, while these issues may not need to be treated immediately, they should still be looked at by a professional. Having a foundation inspection every few years can ensure that minor repairs are fixed early to prevent them from turning into costly repairs down the road. 

  • Cracks Aren’t Always The Source Of The Problem

When you find one large crack in your foundation, it can be tempting to assume that the problem is coming from that exact area. But this isn’t always the case.The cracks are a relief point for the movement and not an indicator of where the problem is. When inspecting your home in Dallas, it’s important to check your entire outside foundation, as well as the inside of your home to look for other signs of foundation issues.

  • Addressing Issues Immediately Can Save You Money

When you are looking for a home to purchase, you may notice that the foundation has some cracks or holes. You may think that these issues are minor, but ignoring them will cause them to become more severe and can become more costly. If you discover that your home has structural issues, hiring a foundation restoration expert right away will save you money and ensure that your home stays safe and dry.

  • Not All Dallas Foundation Restoration Experts Are The Same

When you notice foundation issues, it’s essential that you contact a reputable foundation repair expert. Many amateurs convince themselves as ‘specialists’ but are, in fact, an expert in other areas. However, many of these people do not have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and tools to properly finish the job to industry standards. Dallas foundation repair is serious work that can impact the safety of your home and family. That’s why it’s crucial to hire someone who has extensive knowledge and decades of experience in the field, offers a warranty for their work, and is insured.

  • Poor Quality Work Can Ruin Your Home

Hiring an amateur can result in poor-quality work that actually ruins your home. The interior of your home could be left trampled and covered in dirt and dust. Your outdoor landscaping could be destroyed and left for you to fix. Only an expert can guarantee quality work, offer a warranty, and even landscaping services to return your yard back to normal.

  • Not All Projects Are Insured

Did you know that some insurance policies only cover your home against certain issues and don’t insure regular wear and tear or incidents that could have been repaired during regular maintenance? This is why it’s important to have routine inspections and regular repair work done by a professional. Otherwise, you could end up with hefty repair bills that could have been avoided.

If your foundation issues are caused by defective materials or poor workmanship, your homeowner’s insurance likely won’t cover it either. This is another reason to hire a professional who has insurance and offers a warranty to cover materials and structural defects for a period of time.

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