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Curating A House That Is Easy To Clean

Do you foresee a home renovation or a completely new construction in your future? Instead of pondering over the color scheme or the placement of the TV, consider the numerous design choices available to ensure that your updated home is easier to keep clean. Mundane yet important tasks like chores consume a significant amount of time each week. By having the right foresight, you can minimize that time and use it for relaxation instead. Below are some guidelines on creating a home environment that is effortless to maintain.

Many options begin at the initial stage: the home design process. If you are fortunate enough to have the chance to design your home from the ground up, the floors are an excellent starting point. Frequently, the floors are the first to get dirty, but there are plenty of options for easily cleanable flooring.

For instance, you could opt for non-absorbent materials like laminate or luxury vinyl tiles or apply a protective non-absorbent seal to make the floor almost impervious to spills. This also reduces the time needed for sweeping and mopping. Furthermore, unlike hardwood flooring, these materials generally don’t require specialized cleaning solutions. Instead, a simpler solution and a basic sponge mop will do.

Another example is the installation of epoxy flooring in the garage. The garage floor is often splattered with hard-to-clean substances like engine oil and tire marks, making it easily filthy and stained. With the right epoxy coating, you can have a durable and visually appealing garage floor that is remarkably easy to clean.

It’s also crucial to consider the walls of your house, especially if you have pets or children running around. There are treatments available to make the walls easy to scrub, as well as high-quality paint that can be wiped clean. With the right paint finish and careful planning, the need for washing walls and fixing paint chips could become a thing of the past.

Another design element that contributes to a clutter-free home is storage. There are countless storage solutions to assist you throughout the house. A great example is a floor-to-ceiling cabinet in the family room, which maximizes space and keeps items within reach but out of sight. Incorporating built-in shelving and similar strategies as part of your redesign can also be advantageous. If you are serious about reducing your chores, creating designated storage spaces for all your knickknacks and everyday objects now can make tidying up a breeze in the future.

Interested in finding more ways to decrease your household cleaning workload in the future? Refer to the accompanying resource provided by Innovative Garage Flooring for additional information.

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